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The setup process was relatively seamless. Alan (VP) was there every step of the way. They worked around our schedule, not the other way around. We chose Axcede because Alan installed our previous phone system and when you have had great results previously, why change? The support team always goes the extra mile to make certain our phones work the way we want them to work.

-Val Kolle, Westlake Eye

Val Kolle

Westlake Eye Specialists

The setup process went off without a hitch. I like the admin interface because it is simple to understand and easy to use. While I have experience managing phone systems, this interface makes it really simple.  The support and sales groups enjoy the SalesForce add in's for use with customer clients.  I was recommend to AATG in the past by ShoreTel as the top rated reseller in central Texas and Axcede is just a continuation of that service.  Our move from 8x8 to Axcede was based not only on my experience but the fact that they are local and provide instant personal support when questions arise.  We are partners with Axcede rather than a customer ID. I wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to put my name behind than Alan.

-Paul Williams, ESO

Paul Williams

ESO Solutions

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