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Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions from people like you.

It stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, so basically it is hardware (phones, routers, trunks) and software (interface) that enables people to use the Internet as the transmission medium. It connects to the internet, not local infrastructure. No physical phone lines to worry about which cuts costs and once your system is up and running you can add lines, adjust for call volume, have automated answering (auto-attendant) and customize your settings with ease. Watch this video to learn more: VoIP Vid

What is VoIP?

We have a multitude of features, but we approach every installation individually and collaboratively so you get the features that are most important to your business. Every custom plan is backed by our amazing tech support team that is local and ready to help. Things like ring groups, conferencing, time based routing, custom greetings, caller ID, chat and call parking are all available.

What are some features included with service?

A SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) phone is one that connects to the internet to make calls. It can be a physical phone or what we call a softphone (a computer application) and can be used for multimedia, message, and data sharing. Our system is hosted or in the cloud so your phones need to be able to connect to our cloud network. Your phone lines are digital and can be easily added or subtracted. Monthly costs are lower and you get a multitude of features not possible on an analog system. We use Yealink SIP phones and Polycom SIP Conferencing Phones. SIP Phone Video. Click to see more info -> PHONES 

What is a SIP phone and why do I need it with Axcede?

No problem! You can forward your work phone calls to your cell if you are hustling around or even bring a work phone to your home office and connect to the internet.

What if I need to work remotely?

Not much! Definitely not the mind-numbing amount for on-premise or analog systems. Once we find the best system configuration for you it is a matter of a few clicks and plugging into your internet connection before you are up and running. We will work with you to find the best date for install and education.

How much downtime should I expect to have during installation/setup?

Yes, while we at Axcede are what some might call telecommunication juggernauts, we understand that change is hard. Your numbers will not be lost!

Can I keep my same phone number(s)? 

At Axcede, we strive to give you a top-notch communications experience at your workplace. Since each business is different, we assess the needs of your business and create a highly-customized plan tailored to you. For that reason, we don't have those cookie cutter plans like most corporate telecom providers that may or may not meet your needs. Contact us today for a free quote, we love saving our customers money!

What is Axcede going to cost?

If you already have internet enabled phones then we would be happy to integrate Axcede with the equipment you already have.

Can we only use the phones you provide?
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