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Take a peek at our vStratus Cloud PBX Products

We like to keep it simple. You tell us the features you want, we make it happen.

SIP Trunking

We employ Session Initiated Protocol or SIP to connect your phones. It is faster, has better sound quality, allows multimedia, data sharing and seamless interfaces that make it easy for anyone to manage a phone system. Check it out!

vStratus Cloud PBX

This is what we call our version of a hosted PBX system. We consolidate your infrastructure, applications, and support into one secure data center that we maintain. Take a look!

Easy to Customize

Not sure if your business will grow? Have seasonal call volume changes? Want to change up ring groups? No problem. Because we are in the cloud, our vStratus Cloud PBX packages can easily be modified remotely or with a quick visit. Just takes a call or email!

Latest Technology

Before you ask: we are not at liberty to discuss the availability of commercial grade holograms. We DO, however, make sure every piece of hardware and software we install is the latest in the rapidly advancing field of business communication.

World Class Support

Our team of experienced IT engineers and technicians are here to help with whatever issues you come across. When you call or email us you will always make human contact and come away with a solution.

Feature Preview

Automated Attendants, Attended Transfer, Barge-In, Blind Transfer, Call forwarding, Call History, Call Park, Caller ID Routing, Conference Bridge, Custom Greetings… (See All)

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