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What is a SIP Trunk?

So much jargon can be overwhelming. Let’s take a look.

(SIP) Session Initiated Protocol is a signaling communications protocol that has become the standard for controlling real-time voice communication over IP (VoIP). Think of a SIP trunk as a virtual phone line that provides highly available call paths via your broadband connection. Our SIP trunks seamlessly connect, using hardware or software, to most popular Enterprise PBX’s on the market today—including Mitel, ShoreTel, Panasonic, LG-Ericsson, Freeswitch, and Asterisk.

Whether you’re a small business looking for the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP or a mid-sized business looking for business continuity and disaster recovery, we can help you save up to 40% over traditional telephone line services. Here's a helpful infographic. 

How SIP Trunking Works

SIP trunk works like IP network plumbing, it carries the information from your session. Each session is a call or conference between users. It uses your data circuit (Cable, DSL) to connect your phones back to our servers that house the lines. There is little physical wiring or equipment to deal with after install and it allows for messaging, rapid issue response, data sharing and applications. Here are some stats from Software Advice’s Top Considerations for Selecting and Implementing a SIP Provider.

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